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Vivobarefoot: Better than Barefoot

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At Vivobarefoot being natural is more than a tagline, it is the attitude that drives everything from the engineering, to the research and development, to the production of each shoe. The result is a product that leaves your feet with a minimalist experience you cant find anywhere else.

The hallmark of Vivobarefoot shoes is that they have incredibly thin, puncture-resistant soles that let you truly feel the terrain and provide your brain with sensory feedback, all the while strengthening and developing those crucial but often neglected muscles and tendons in your foot. Their wide toe boxes allow your feet to properly splay while providing support unlike more narrow shoes that can reduce stability.  All these great features of Vivobarefoot shoes facilitate proper walking, running, and range of motion to keep you out on the trail longer.

Vivobarefoot covers you on the trail with the Men's and Women's Primus Trail shoe, in the water with the Men's, Women's and Kids Ultra 3 Eva or out on the town at with  the Leather Gobi II.  No matter the setting or event Vivobarefoot is there to help you keep it natural.

Learn more about minimalist, barefoot shoes by Vivobarefoot

Get to know more about one of our favorite brands Vivobarefoot - they create some of the most comfortable and stylish barefoot or minimal shoes on the market today. They allow your foot to interact and react to the ground as nature intended. Watch to learn more!

 Questions & Tips

Q: How do I clean my Vivo's?

Vivobarefoot recommends using natural products where possible for cleaning and weather protection. Construction methods and materials vary across styles so they recommend using soapy cold water rather than a washing machine for Vivo performance shoes. Do not ever dry your Vivos in a clothing dryer.

Q: Are Vivobarefoot shoes puncture proof or puncture resistant?

Their shoes have a patented puncture resistant layer that has up to 5x the puncture resistance of other minimal shoe brands out there. Sadly, it is not possible to make them puncture proof and maintain the barefoot flexibility and feeling.

Q: What is so special about Vivobarefoot soles?

Did you know that up to 70% of the information your brain needs for skillful movement comes from the 200,000 nerves on the soles of your feet? By maximizing sensory feedback as your foot touches the ground, you can exploit the abundance of information available to the brain to help you stand, walk and move with optimal skill.

Every shoe they make has a patented, ultra-thin, puncture resistant sole which gives you maximum sensory feedback with protection.

Q: Can I get my Vivobarefoot shoes repaired or resoled?

Yes, but not for all styles.

MAIN LINE – for the majority of our shoes they cant offer a repair service, but if you are experiencing any faults then please email us, we will contact them, and they will honor our 6-month guarantee. As long as you have proof of purchase, we are happy to get a replacement pair out to you.

HAND CUT – they have dedicated shoe repair partners in all parts of the world.

To transform Hand Cut shoes to their former glory, Vivobarefoot will re-sole them, with appropriate Blake or Stitch down methods, using original outsoles from their Portugal Factory. They will also fit new laces, polish and re-finish them, and send them back to you looking almost like new.

To arrange a repair*: Call or email us at to set up a repair with Vivobarefoot. 

*Please note, unless faulty, this is a chargeable service.

Q: Should I wear socks or insoles with my Vivos?

Yes, you can, a lot of this comes down to personal preference. 

If you are not used to wearing socks, then there is no need to wear them with our shoes. However, if you do still want to keep them on, we would recommend a pair of lightweight, non-restrictive socks that may stop any friction and can sometimes help with moisture wicking, preventing sweat and stinky shoes.

If it is cold outside, you will definitely notice the difference by putting in a pair of Vivo's Thermal soles.

Whether you chose to keep them in on a daily basis is up to you. You tend to get a more barefoot experience if you remove your insoles, but no ones watching so the decision is yours. 

Each shoe will specify on its product page if it comes with our performance insole, everyday cork insole or our Thermal insole. They are also available to buy separately.


Vivobarefoot shoes tend to run true to size. See sizing charts to find your shoe size! 

 Men's Shoe Sizing Chart

Women's Shoe Sizing Chart

Kids Shoe Sizing Chart