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Vivobarefoot: Barefoot & Minimalist Shoes for Walking, Running, & Hiking

Sometimes less is more, and this is certainly the case with the sleek and streamlined design of each Vivbarefoot running and casual shoe. Many people are surprised to hear that this modern and innovative brand was actually founded by Galahad Clark, a sixth generation member of the Clark's shoes family, who set out to change the way we think about shoes. His vision was to create a variety of shoe designs which combine simple and natural foot movement with amazing new material technology. And that vision is exactly what he brought to life with Vivobarefoot.


Vivobarefoot shoes are designed to mimic the natural feel of running or walking barefoot,with minimal impact of the foots weight distribution over the ground. This drastically improves the sensory feedback from the feet to the brain, and may allow more accurate adjustments in running style and gate. At the same time,Vivobarefoot provides advanced protection for your feet, using innovative materials which make the shoes tough, breathable, and weather-tight. While there are many other barefoot shoe brands, few can match the style, comfort, and protection of Vivobarefoot.


We also love Vivobarefoot for their dedication to use 90% sustainable elements,with each shoe being made from natural, recycled, and bio-based material. Some shoes, like the WomensUltra III, are even made from environmentally damaging algae, and each pair helps re-circulate 57 gallons of clean water. So if you're looking to restore the natural feel of walking, Vivobarefoot is one of the best, not only for your feet, but also for the environment. Make sure to check out the FAQ below for more. 

Shoespiracy - About the Barefoot Movement

This video from Vivobarefoot's website aims to shed light on a shoe-shaped public health scandal and challenge traditional shoe design. Its focus is on the impact footwear is having on your feet, the way you move, and ultimately your health.

 Questions & Tips

Q: Whats special about the soles?

Vivobarefoot shoes are foot friendly and foot shaped! The natural foot is wide, flexible and sensory – with 200,000 nerve endings on the soles of your feet providing your brain with all the information it needs for skillful movement.  Their soles are stable, strong and ultra thin; precisely engineered to maximize all that useful sensory feedback by minimizing interference between your feet and the ground. All of their soles (except the Ultra) have a patented Pro 5 puncture resistant layer, with up to 5x the puncture resistance of other minimal shoe brands.

Sadly, it isnt possible for the soles to be entirely puncture proof without compromising on the barefoot experience.

Q: How do I clean/care for my Vivos?

When possible, its best to use natural products for cleaning and weather protection. Soapy cold water beats a washing machine when it comes to these performance shoes. Products such as Nikwax for leather great too! 

If you would like additional water protection, Vivobarefoot has also partnered with Liquiproof spray, which uses Nano-technology to create an effective liquid repellent coating for your shoes, safeguarding against pesky spills and splashes.

Q: Should I wear socks or insoles with my Vivo?

Its all a matter of personal preference. On a cold day, for instance, you might appreciate a nice pair of thermal insoles. For socks we recommend lightweight and non-restrictive, but they arent required if youre sock averse. Vivobarefoot believes that the ideal barefoot experience is insole free, but no ones watching, so the decision is yours!

The product pages should let you know if a shoe comes with a pair of special insoles.

Q: Do they come in half sizes?

Unfortunately no. Currently, Vivobarefoot doesn't have that kind of capacity. Thanks to the nature of the shoes however, we find that everyone is generally able to find a size that works for them.

Vivobarefoot Warranty

Vivobarefoot offers no additional warranties for its shoe products. However, our standard shipping and returns policy still applies. Please check here for more details.  

Vivobarefoot Sizing

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