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Vibram FiveFingers Shoes: Men's Five Fingers, Women's Five Fingers, and Minimalists Shoe

A brand originally known for crafting exceptional mountaineering boots, Vibram has since evolved into a world-renowned creator of minimalist and barefoot shoes.The company was founded all the way back in 1937 when Vitale Bramani set out to revolutionize the climbing shoe. Driven by a tragic mountaineering accident, Bramani took two years to meticulously invent his new shoe design, using the first lug sole made with vulcanized rubber, a brand-new material. This brilliant design allowed for the first ever summitting of K2 in 1954, and the sole remains one of the most used by mountain climbers even today.


Over the long years, this passion and drive to create the very best has continued to fuel Vibram's innovation. Perhaps their most famous recent creations are the amazing Vibram FiveFingers shoes and the Vibram Furoshiki Barefoot shoe. These minimalist shoes are designed to restore the natural feel of running or walking barefoot, and can improve the sensory feedback from the feet to the brain. FiveFingers designs, like the Men'sVibram Five Fingers M148 KSO, allow for nearly free toe movement, and can provide a truly unique barefoot experience. Their Furoshiki shoes, like the Women'sOriginal Vibram Furoshiki, wrap fully around the foot, offering incredible protection and an authentic barefoot feel.


Vibram is one of our most sought after barefoot and minimalist shoe brands, especially for the Five Fingers toe shoes. If you've never experienced their unique feel and fit, be sure to give them a try. People are often amazed by how versatile and functional Vibram shoes can be. 

Vibram FiveFingers MaxFeel

A short video highlighting the look and feel of the Vibram FiveFingers experience.

 Questions & Tips

Q: How do I care for my FiveFingers or Furoshikis?

To best clean and continue the love for your pair of FiveFingers or Furoshiki, we recommend hand washing or machine washing on gentle cycle in cold water with detergent, and air drying. Please note, hot water wash and dyer machines will likely result in the demise of your beloved Vibram minimal shoes.

Wearing your FiveFingers at the pool or ocean? We suggest rinsing your pair in cold, fresh water immediately afterwards.

Q: How should my FiveFingers fit? How do I know if they are too big or too small?

FiveFingers generally should have a glove-like fit on your foot, but the best judge of size is your own comfort level. If the shoe feels too big or too small, it probably is! Each model will fit and feel differently, and each persons feet are shaped and structured differently. As such, you may fit better in a size different from what the size chart recommends, and thats ok.

Q: Can a woman order from the mens sizing and vice versa?

Sure! Keep in mind that the mens sizing is slightly longer and wider than womens, so a Mens size 40 will fit and feel larger than a Womens size 40.

Q: How long should my FiveFingers last?

Your FiveFingers should last as long as a traditional athletic shoe. This will vary depending on the person, model, and the use.  We design our shoes with a particular activity in mind.  If you use a trail running shoe for road running it will wear quicker.

Please also pay special attention our care instructions. Chlorine, salt water, and other chemicals will wear down the materials more quickly. FiveFingers and Furoshiki are both machine washable with cold water only and should always be drip dried. NO DRYER. The Signa model should also be rinsed after each use.

Q: My sole is coming off, how can I fix it myself?

Shoe glue to the rescue! If a sole begins to peel away due to wear and tear you can extend the life of minimal shoes by getting a standard shoe glue to adhere the sole back to the fabric. You can always check with your local cobbler too.

Vibram Warranty

Within 6 weeks of purchase: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on regularly priced Vibram FiveFingers and Furoshiki.

  • Any regularly-priced FiveFingers and Furoshiki purchased at can be returned for any reason within 6 weeks of the original purchase date for a full refund, no questions asked
  • Not applicable on sale or discounted items.

Within 90 days of purchase: Returns and exchanges of NEW or DEFECTIVE merchandise

  • If your FiveFingers and Furoshiki are found to have a material or manufacturing flaw, Vibram USA will replace your shoes with a new pair of the item returned. While we are able to provide replacements in alternate sizes, we are not able to replace defective items with a different model than the item returned unless the current model is not available. Please note that our warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, user error, or excessive wear and tear. Any modifications or alterations made to the design of the shoe will void your warranty.
  • All other returns must be in pristine, unworn condition.  Regularly priced items may be returned for a refund or exchange, all discounted and sale merchandise may be returned for an exchange only.
  • All refunds and price adjustments for exchanges of greater or lesser value will be applied to the credit card used for the original purchase.

For non-warranty exchanges and returns, please see our policy here.

Vibram Sizing Chart & Sizing Information

Our Vibram FiveFingers sizing guide is a great place to start when finding the right pair of FiveFingers for your feet. You must also keep in mind that everyones feet are unique, and Vibram FiveFingers may vary slightly by style. Use these sizing charts and fit tips as a guide to the proper FiveFinger shoes for your feet.



Walk barefoot on a carpeted floor for 1 or 2 minutes to give your feet and muscles time to adapt to the sensation.

Place Vibram FiveFingers flat on the floor, unlace, and loosen upper.

Keep the heel of the shoe down as your foot enters.

Use your fingers to help guide toes into the correct toe compartments.

Check to see that you have only one toe in each slot.

Once you have all your toes in the correct place, pull up the heel, tighten the lacing device and secure to fit.

Walk around and test out how they feel.


Too Large: Feet can move around inside the shoe, which may cause blisters/hot spots.

Too Small: Toes are not able to fully extend— toes feel curled or slightly bent.

Just Right: Longest toe slightly touches the end of the toe pocket or rests just before the end. Ideally, Vibram FiveFingers will fit just like a glove or second skin.

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