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Teva: Always Comfortable & Durable Outdoor Sandals, Hiking Shoes, & Casual Shoes

Like so many other great innovations, Teva was started to solve a problem. In 1982, rafting guide Mark Thatcher realized there was really no shoe suited for his trips down the Colorado River. Sneakers became heavy when wet and dried slowly, while sandals fell off too easily. 

So using an old pair of flip-flops and some Velcro strips, Thatcher created a simple pair of shoes that was perfect for his needs. But this pair was only the beginning; after taking his new sandals on several more trips, he realized he had made something special and set out to refine his design even further

His next step was to add a durable sole, and to develop the Universal Strapping System to comfortably secure his shoes while adding minimum weight. After much work and test, Thatcher had perfected the all new Teva Universal Sandal, which remains a bestseller to this day.

After revolutionizing the outdoor sandal, Teva expanded their shoes creating amazing designs for hiking, running, and casual wear. Teva is an industry leader in everything from rugged flip-flops, like the Men's Pajaro, to full-fledged hiking shoes, like the Women's Terra-float Churn. The common theme that connects all their shoes is the comfortable feel and durable protection each offers. Whether you want to feel the open air, or want close protection, Teva has the shoe for you.

If you've never thought about switching to an outdoor sandal, you should consider giving Teva a try. Their open air designs can make a big difference, especially in a hot or wet environment. Shoes like the Men's Strata Universal can offer you the tough and supportive sole of a hiking shoe while also being fully breathable and fast drying. Most people are amazed by how comfortable and functional Teva shoes are, and by how far their outdoor sandals can take them.

Teva Originals: The Original Sport Sandal

A short lifestyle video about the Teva Sport Sandals and the people who love them. 

 Questions & Tips

Q: How Can I Clean My Sandals?

Teva recommends using an antimicrobial soap and warm water and hand washing your sandals thoroughly. Please, do not machine wash them. To remove dirt or other build up from the grooves in the top soles or out soles, try using a soft bristled brush, such as a dish brush or old toothbrush, to gently scrub away any debris. You can carefully bend the shoes to open up the grooves and allow for water to clean deeper.

For their leather sandals, we suggest using a leather cleaner. This can eliminate odor and cleanse the leather without damaging the material or destroying the unique look of the product. 

To clean just the top sole of your leather sandals, carefully scrub with a mild, antibacterial soap and rinse well with clean water. Avoid getting soap on the leather as much as possible. Allow the sandals to dry in an open, well ventilated area, away from direct sunlight.

Teva recommends washing your sandals every two to four weeks, depending on use. 

Q: How Do You Pronounce Teva?

Teva is pronounced TEH-VAH, with a soft "e." Teva is the Hebrew word for nature. 

Q: Are Any Of Teva's Styles Vegan?
Most of the styles we carry are Vegan. For a full list, check Teva's website.

Teva Warranty

Teva offers a limited one year warranty. It applies to manufacturer defects only. Any items that are past the one year purchase date will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Teva does not perform repairs.

Items not covered under this warranty:

Products over 1 year old from date of purchase

General wear and tear

Excessive wear or misuse/abuse


Teva Sizing Chart and Sizing Guide



U.S.U.K.E.U.Japan (CM)Chinese (MM)Foot Length (Inches)
6.55.538.524.72479 5/7
7639.5252509 5/6
8740.52626010 1/4
8.57.541.526.526510 3/7
98422727010 5/8
9.58.542.527.527510 5/6
10.59.54428.528511 2/9
111044.52929011 3/7
11.510.54529.529511 3/5
121145.53030011 4/5
12.511.546.530.230211 8/9
13.512.547.53131012 1/5
141348.531.531512 2/5
14.513.54931.731712 1/2
151449.53232012 3/5
17165133.533513 1/5
1817523434013 2/5


U.S. WomensU.K.E.U.Japan (CM)Chinese (MM)Foot Length (Inches)
5336222208 2/3
5.53.536.522.52258 6/7
6.54.537.523.52359 1/4
7538242409 4/9
7.55.538.524.52459 2/3
8639252509 5/6
97402626010 1/4
9.57.540.526.226210 1/3
1084126.526510 3/7
10.58.541.52727010 5/8
1194227.527510 5/6
12104328.528511 2/9