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Saxx Underwear Co: Supportive Boxers & Briefs for Men

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To say that Saxx Underwear are comfortable would be an understatement. To describe them as original would not do justice to the truly unique design the brand has created. Trent Kitsch, Saxx founder, designed underwear with his own trademarked BallPark Pouch that was rooted with concepts from his days playing baseball. The hammock-like inner workings keeps everything exactly where it needs to be for unrivaled comfort.

The brand continued with an inside out approach to design in their materials and seams to ensure that every bit of fabric that touches the body is carefully engineered for ultimate enjoyment. This includes everyday styles like the Vibe and 24-Seven as well as their premium athletic line the Pro Elite 2.0.  It is no exaggeration that putting on a pair of these boxers will change your opinion of how underwear should feel from that moment on.

Saxx believes their underwear should look as good as it feels. With their unique patterns and designs, they are leading their industry in innovation and partnering with athletes like Kevin Love. Their design decisions combined with great fabrics have propelled Saxx to the top of the premium underwear market and make it a favorite of the staff (if you don't believe us, watch our video below).

SAXX Underwear...Worth it? Comfortable, Breathable, Supportive?

Our warehouse love working in their Saxx underwear so much, sometimes they forget their pants. But the real question is should I buy Saxx Underwear? 

 Questions & Tips

Q: Do they come in Women's?
Nope, Saxx are only made for men, for obvious reasons.
Q: What is the best way to clean my SAXX?

Like most underwear, machine wash with warm water and tumble dry with low heat on delicate cycle. Do not dry clean or use bleach. Please Note: Blacksheep Style (Merino Wool fabric) should not be tumble-dried. It will shrink! Line dry or dry cleaning optional.


Saxx Underwear Sizing Chart


SAXX Underwear Warranty:

SAXX offers a one year warranty for manufacturer defects on all our products from the original date of purchase, as long as your product was purchased from an authorized SAXX dealer. If you believe your SAXX Underwear are defective for any reason, please contact SAXX directly by emailing for instructions on how to submit a warranty claim. 

Please note: This policy does not apply to products that have been damaged by misuse, accident, modification, or unauthorized repair.