Rookie Rollerskates

One of the First UK Brands of Rollerskates

Rookie Rollerskates | Classic & Stylish Skates for Women | Original Since 1978

Rookie Skates was founded in 1978 as one of the very first brands in the UK of its kind. Rookie pioneered the original rollerskate aesthetic that is still popular today and became a classic in its time. Over the years, many have tried to copy Rookies iconic style, but none can truly match the original. Rookie is all about embracing vibrancy, diversity and style.

Since the 70s, Rookie has remained at the forefront as a leader and positive force within the skating community, supporting grass roots projects, collaborative events and empowering skaters in the UK and across Europe. Rookie is all about being fashion forward, vibrant and inclusive. But its never fashion over function, its about looking good and feeling good. Rookie skates are truly the best of both worlds, unique and fashionable with an incredibly smooth ride and durable design. Some of our favorite skates are the Rookie Bump Rollerdisco and the Rookie Forever Rainbow. Rookie is amazing skating with amazing style.

At, Rookie is a newer brand, but it has already taken off in popularity. If you love to skate and want to express your own style, give Rookie a try.

Tutorial on how to maintain your rollerskates

Learn how to maintain your Rookie rollerskates.

 Questions & Tips

Q: Do All Rookie Skates Feature a Replaceable Stopper?

Yes, they are replaceable on all Rookie skates. Please note that the Adjustable and Standard toe stops are not interchangeable as they feature differing bolt thread sizes.

Adjustable – 5/8ths Imperial

Standard – 9/16ths Imperial

Q: What Tools Will I Need To Maintain My Skates?

You will need the below;

A flat spanner (as flat as possible approx 6mm in thickness) of 22mm

For the nuts and bolts, a Rookie tool will do this perfectly.

This is a Y-Shaped multitool to maintain and adjust any rollerskates.

Examples of sockets sizes below.

• 5/16" / 8mm - Socket for Mounting hardware

• 1/2" / 13mm - Socket for Wheel nuts

• 9/16" / 14mm - Socket for Kingpin nuts

• 1/8" Allen key

• Phillips Screwdriver

Q: When Do I Know When To Replace My Stopper?

Keep an eye on your stopper, when there is considerable wear to your stopper compared to when it was new, it may be time for a replacement. You should never be able to see the bolt if it is an adjustable stopper.

Q: Do the Wheels Wear Down, How Do I Know When To Replace Them?

Yes, the wheels are wearing every time you wear your Roller Skates and is the case with all Roller Skates. When the wheel starts to wear to its critical limit you will notice that the profile will start to look very flat and low compared with a new wheel. If any gaps or cracking starts to appear in the wheel, this means you have ridden almost to the core and replacements should be bought as soon as possible for the best performance and for your safety.

Q: How Do I Clean My Skates?

You can clean your skates with a damp cloth. It is not a good idea to get water down inside your boots or use any form of detergent or soap as these elements could react badly with the glues, etc and damage them in the long run.

To maintain the skates insides long term, you can get moisture absorbing accessories that you can put in your roller skates in between uses as well as using antimicrobial spray after each session on your skates.

Rookie Skates Warranty Information

For non-warranty exchanges and returns, please see our policy here.

If you believe you have a warranty claim, please reach out to us directly here. We can pass on the details of the claim to Rookie and they can advise of a suitable solution.