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KAVU is known for: forward thinking, quality products, and a unique way of doing things. K.A.V.U stands for "Klear Above Visibility Unlimited", but it is much more than just a name; it is a philosophy, a perspective, a way of life that revolves around doing what you love in nature's playground.

OutlandUSA.com is proud to offer KAVU, we love the versatility and fun, colorful patterns that all of their products share. And as much as we love this brand, we might love their bags even more. Rarely do you find a bag that works as a purse one night, a diaper bag the next morning, and a hiking pack for the weekend. Once you buy your first KAVU bag, don't be surprised if you find yourself starting a collection. KAVU backpacks, sling bags, hats, and wallets all display the same quality and carefree style that the brand is known for.

Ever wondered what the difference between the KAVU Rope Bag & KAVU Rope Sling are? Want to see how much you can fit in each shoulder bag? OutlandUSA.com made a video to show off three KAVU Shoulder Bags: the Original Canvas Rope Bag, the Polyester Rope Sling, and the Polyester Paxton Pack. Check it out below!

Get the Best KAVU Bag for You!

What is the difference between the KAVU Rope Bag, the Rope Sling, and the Paxton Sling? We show each of the three bags inside and out to ensure that you find the perfect KAVU for you.

 Questions & Tips

Q: What is the difference between the Kavu Rope and Sling Bags?

The Rope Bag and the Rope Sling are the same bag, with different fabrics. The Rope Sling features quick-drying, water resistant polyester and the original Rope Bag is still made with cotton canvas. See our Kavu Rope Bag Comparison video for more details!

Q: Are the Rope and Sling bags big enough to be used as a school/book bag?

The Rope Bag and Sling can both hold small to medium sized books. Average or larger sized textbooks would be a better fit in a Paxton Pack - featuring a larger internal pocket and a side pocket perfect for water bottles. See our Kavu Rope Bag & Paxton Pack comparison video for more information.

Q: Are Kavu patterns ever reproduced?

No, once a color is out of stock from Kavu, we can no longer order any more. Kavu manufactures these bags seasonally (twice a year) and we order them before they hit retail stores. Each pattern and color is different year to year so if you see a color or pattern you really love, get one before it's gone!

Q: How can I tell if my Kavu bag is water-resistant?

All Rope Slings, Women's For Keeps (Shoulder) Bags, Spectator Waistpacks, and other bags that are made of Polyester or Nylon are going to be more water resistant than the cotton canvas bags and wallets.

Kavu Size Chart

Kavu Men's Buffaroni Flannel Shirt 5105– Idaho Mountain Touring

Kavu Warranty Information

For non-warranty exchanges and returns, please see our policy here.

If you believe you have a warranty claim, please reach out to us directly here.

KAVU warrants our products to be free of manufacturer defects: Normal wear and tear, modifications, alterations, machine washing your bag, natural fading, color transfer from non-KAVU items to KAVU items, negligence, spills, damage, buckles getting smashed in car doors, broken buckles, weather damage, lawnmowers, dogs, small children and/or use for any purpose other than everyday casual wear are not covered by our warranty. There is no implied life span due to the many variables which can affect our products.