It's not a Knife, it's my Benchmade

Benchmade Knives: High Quality Pocket Knives and Knife Accessories

For over twenty-five years Benchmade has been designing and manufacturing world-class knives for a wide range of customers - everyone from special operations forces to elite back country hunters. The Benchmade Knife Company considers it their mission to create something better, something exceptional. From the raw materials to the final quality check, they demand the best, because they know their customers deserve the best. Today, Benchmade strives to continually innovate by taking performance and reliability to the next level. 

There's never a dull moment when you have a Benchmade. When you buy a Benchmade knife from, your knife is eligible for the LifeSharp maintenance program. Benchmade will re-sharpen your knife and restore it's factory razor sharp edge, anytime and every time. When your send your knife in to be sharpened, they will also inspect it , make any needed repairs and "tune" the knife for optimum performance.

As you are shopping for a Benchmade knife on, you'll notice that the knives are grouped into multiple classes. These classes were created to help you understand the differences between the knives and the specific audiences they were designed for. No matter which class your Benchmade Knife comes from, all of them are American made with the same attention to detail and quality.
- Gold Class: artisan, limited edition, collector knives made with premium materials.
- Black Class: heavy duty, tactical knives, designed to be used primarily by law enforcement and the military.
- Blue Class: classic fixed and folding knives, considered to be among the highest quality knives manufactured today.
- Hunt Series: advanced hunting knives, specifically designed by sportsmen, for sportsmen.

At, we proudly carry and use our Benchmade knives everyday. See our video below for more information on the different classes and styles of knives.

 Questions & Tips

Q: Where do I send my knife if it needs repair is damaged?

If your knife should ever need warranty work or sharpening all you need to do is send your knife directly to the Benchmade Product Service Department. Simply print off the warranty service form, box it up with your knife and ship to: 

BKC, Inc. Attn: Repair Department 300 Beavercreek Rd. Oregon City, OR 97045. 

If you are uncertain whether a repair is covered by the Benchmade warranty or not, please feel free to call the Benchmade customer service department at 1-800-800-7427. If you have an automatic knife and aren't sure if you will have to send the appropriate documentation along with your knife, they will be able to advise and instruct you on this as well.

Q: How do I sharpen my knife?

The key is to maintain the edge angles on the blade. Benchmade knife blades leave the factory with a 30-35 degree inclusive angle. Benchmade recommends you use their LifeSharp service. This is a great way to get your knife sharpened, but to also have our qualified technicians service it for optimal performance. Contact Benchmade Customer Service at 1-800-800-7427 for more information about LifeSharp. 

Q: Where do I find the model number of my knife?

Most Benchmade knives, have the model number under the butterfly logo on the front of the blade (see photo below). So if you have a serrated 551, it will be labeled "551" under the logo, and the full model number to designate the configuration would be "551S", where the "S" signifies the serrations.
Benchmade Knife Model Number on Blade

Q: Why is there a butterfly in the Benchmade logo?

When Benchmade was founded, their first product was the Bali-Song, or butterfly, knife. and the butterfly logo symbolizes the company's ties to their first knives.


Their Lifetime Warranty applies to genuine Benchmade products purchased from authorized dealers. Knives purchased on the internet through discount websites, mail order outlets, or through any other unauthorized source, and knives which are determined by Benchmade to be counterfeit are not entitled to the warranty coverage. is proud to be an authorized retailer for Benchmade, and has earned the designation of being one of their Premiere Dealers.

Benchmade Knife Company, Inc. warrants the original owner that their genuine Benchmade knife will be free from defects in-materials and workmanship. They will, without charge, repair or replace at their (Benchmade's) option, any genuine Benchmade knife returned for warranty work and found to be defective by Benchmade. Each new knife is packaged with written documentation of the Benchmade Warranty, please review the warranty coverage before sending knife in to Benchmade.

For warranty claims, fill out the information on this Warranty Service Form, sign the Counterfeit Acknowledgement, and send the completed paperwork with the knife so they can service and safely return your knife in a timely manner. Please do not send the original box with your knife, we cannot return them. The knife must be shipped by owner, prepaid and insured, together with a description of the problem.

Should I Get a Fixed Blade Knife or a Folding Knife?

Fixed Blade Knives

A fixed-blade knife is a solid piece of steel anchored to the handle. For those who want a blade they really trust for tough jobs, such as field dressing and tough camping tasks, a fixed blade is the answer. Fixed blades are durable because of their straight, simple construction without folding mechanisms. In fixed blade knives, the blade is one piece of metal that runs the length of the knife. 

Folding Blade (Pocket) Knives

Folding blade knives (also known as a pocket knife) offer safety and the carrying convenience  because they tend to be compact in size.They come in a variety of configurations, and the blade hinges open and then locks into place. Locking assemblies allow much of the same confidence of a fixed-blade while letting you close the blade into the handle for safety.