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Baffin: Incredible Winter Boots for Hiking & Ice

Since 1979, Baffin has been expertly crafting technically-advanced, high quality footwear in Stoney Creek, Canada. Back when Baffin first opened its doors, boots were made to be functional, not comfortable. Baffin set out to prove they could be both, focusing particularly on fit while never compromising on quality.  Once they had distinguished themselves in this way, they raised the bar even higher by innovating extensively over the years with advanced insulation and materials. The three part combination of technical innovation, high quality standards, and incredible comfort allowed Baffin to expand and grow as a premier brand of winter boots.


Today Baffin remains one of the highest quality and most sought after brands for technical and casual use. Baffin boots are about as warm as they come, and they've taken explorers to some of the harshest environments imaginable, such as the South Pole. Each and every design goes through rigorous testing and field use, and their in-house manufacturing uses top of the line techniques. The result is that Baffin boots, such as the Men's Powder boot (rated to -70C/-94F), can keep you warm in ridiculously low temperatures. Baffin also produces fine and stylish footwear rated for a wide range of temperatures and climates, such as the Women's Eldora Aspen boot (rated from 10C/50F to -10C/14F). So no matter where you trek in winter, from your backyard to the Arctic, Baffin has incredible winter boots that are right for you.


At we love Baffin for their quality, durability, and warmth. If you live somewhere cold, good snow boots are a must, and Baffin is truly one of the best. 

Baffin Outdoor Compounds

A short video outlining the various unique materials which make Baffin footwear so versatile and unique. 

 Questions & Tips

Q: How does the temperature rating work for your footwear?

Cold weather product is tested in a controlled environment up to the different temperature levels indicated on the tags.

Cold feet are not a defect in the manufacturing process. It could be a fit issue, the socks being worn or just not the right boot for that person.

This minimum temperature rating is when the product will no longer hold its integrity, or when the boots or parts of the boots will start to deteriorate. For example, the rubber may split, the metal grommets can break, the leather can crack, and the stitching may snap. It also takes in to account many different factors, such as, temperature, wind, surface structure (ice, cement, frozen tundra etc…) activity level, and circulation as a few examples.

*Note: the above statement is true for any temperature rated product, not only Baffin gear.

Q: Which shoes are compatible with orthotics?

Many of our products have a removable liner, which can be replaced with an orthotic insole at your discretion. However, due to the custom nature of orthotics, we cannot guarantee your orthotics will fit in our footwear.

Q: How do I care for my boots?

Gently hand wash in cold water to maintain shape. No washer or dryer is recommended. Lay flat to dry.

Baffin Warranty Information

For non-warranty exchanges and returns, please see our policy here.

If you believe you have a warranty claim, please reach out to us directly here.

While Baffin does not publish a special warranty against manufacturer defects (these are extremely rare), if you believe you have a defective boot please reach out to us and we will help submit a claim on your behalf. 

Baffin Size Chart

US Women566.577.588.591011
US Men77.588.599.51010.51112131415
European Sizes363737.53838.53939.54040.54141.54242.54343.54445464748
AU / UK344.555.566.577.5888.58.599.51011121314
Foot Length in Centimeters222323.52424.52525.525.5262626.52727.52828.52930313233