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Adidas is a brand whose footwear is well known by those who play between the lines, whether the lines are painted on the field or the court.  Now with Adidas Terrex the focus shifts to products that are designed to take you where there are no lines.  The brand that invented modern sporting cleats is now re-inventing how you explore the world around you.

Each Terrex shoe is engineered with very specific purpose in mind, whether that be trail running, hiking or boating. The Terrex Trailmaker GTX has a Continental rubber sole and Goretex boot lining that create the best grip, and moisture free comfort, while trail running.  If you prefer to explore at a leisurely pace the AX2 Hiking Shoe has a molded sock liner and TRAXION outsole for those tough days on the mountain.  No matter the outdoor activity, you can be sure that Adidas Terrex has a created a specific piece of footwear designed for you.

We have curated the Adidas collection of products to offer the customers of the very best apparel and footwear that equips you for whatever outdoor activities you enjoy.

Outdoor ADIDAS Rap Video

Check out the rap video where we parody the classic My Adidas song by Run DMC! We put a trail running spin on the song to help us showcase our love of the Adidas TERREX brand.

 Questions & Tips

Q: Do Adidas Terrex shoes run Wide or Narrow?

Adidas tennis shoes tend to fit true to size but Adidas Terrex run narrower. If you have a wide foot, try these on in store before you purchase.

Q: Are the Adidas Terrex shoes OK to wear everyday?

Yes. The sole and upper design is comfortable in any terrain, but they are specifically designed for outdoor hiking and trekking.

Q: Why Adidas Terrex?

We choose to carry the Adidas outdoor shoes, Adidas Terrex, because we love their attention to quality in material and design and their belief in being able to achieve any goal by pushing forward and reaching further. Adidas Terrex shoes are designed for trail running, hiking, and maintaining the stability and grip to summit any peak in life.

Q: What makes the Traxion outsole so effective at gripping surfaces?

Traxion provides maximum grip in all directions. The design was originally developed for use in football, where the tapered shape provides excellent ground penetration without the typical stud pressure that football cleats place on the foot. In addition to cushioning impact, the wide and narrow profile of the Traxion lugs provide grip without slippage, making them the right choice when you need to be able to turn on any surface, fast.


If you believe you have a defective Adidas product that was purchased from a retailer within the last two years, please contact the original retailer. If the retailer is unable to assist, you may be eligible for a manufacturing inspection.

Adidas reserves the right to determine between defective product and normal wear-and-tear. We do not replace products that have been replaced from a previous defective claim.

Please have product in hand when you contact the team. The team will need you to read the SKU number printed on the product box to determine authenticity & eligibility.


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