Fork Outfitters TFO 6 Wt. 110 4 Pc. P3 Th Rod - 110

  • Temple Fork Outfitters TFO 2 Wt. 110 4 Pc. P3 Th Rod
  • Temple Fork Outfitters TFO 2 Wt. 110 4 Pc. P3 Th Rod
Temple Fork Outfitters TFO 2 Wt. 110 4 Pc. P3 Th Rod
SKU: TFOO-000086994083625 Part Number: TF061104P3  Barcode: 086994083625

Product Information

The Pro III two-handed rod series was designed to provide new and intermediate anglers a tool with a wider sweet spot to allow casters to better feel the rod load, understand when it isnt properly loaded, and refine the steps to properly place a fly in front of a fish. It has evolved from the previous models to offer anglers of all skill levels a casting improvement tool at an incredible value.

With over 20 years of building rods in this category, the new Pro III has a confirmed lineage of success and happy anglers. We have modernized it and styled in a way to fit the modern angling scene, while keeping the performance and efficiency true to its past. The Pro III series rods are a moderate action taper, which is both easy to load and cast, while being powerful enough to confidently land fish.

Product Features

  • All Pro III rods are packaged in a labeled rod sock and rod tube.
  • Pro III two-handed rods feature composite cork with EVA foam accents and black, fully anodized aluminum reel seats.
  • The rods are topped with appropriately sized SiC style stripping guides and double-foot, anodized snake guides.
  • Whether you are looking for a lightweight trout spey rod, an indicator/chuck and duck style rod for the Great Lakes, or a longer rod for shooting heads and sinking lines, the Pro III TH has you covered.

Product Specifications

Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO)
Ship Dimension
13 x 32 x 13 inches
Ship Weight