Zero G Kite

Product Information

It floats in the slightest breeze. Its a glider on the end of a string. Cast the Zero-G out into the sky. Play out the line, working the glider in a widening arc over your head. Reach up to catch a thermal. Soar. The Zero-G is pure piloting pleasure anyone can enjoy in low wind, no wind, or even indoors.

Celebrated Malaysian designer Ceewan created the prototype, reimagining the canard gliders of the 1920s using modern materials. The Zero-G sports ultra-lightweight fabrics and a superlight carbon frame that weighs just 2 ounces. A true canard-style flying machine, it flies with the small wings facing forward which makes it impossible to stall.

The Zero-G comes in a zippered sleeve with flying line, polycarbonate winder and detailed instructions. Toss it as a glider with no string attached, or soar through the sky with precise control just by pulling and releasing the line. Unlike traditional kites, it will glide like a airplane when you release the line, allowing graceful aerobatics in winds from no wind at all to 10 mph.

Product Features

  • Fly it as a glider without string, or tethered with full control
  • Glides magically on the lightest air currents, even indoors
  • Stall-proof canard design allows an entirely new flying style in winds from 0-10mph
  • Unique, minimalist design always attracts a crowd

Product Specifications

All Ages
Kite Type
Stunt Kite
Ship Dimension
6 x 36 x 6 inches
Ship Weight