Men's Riff 30 Endless Promise - Stormy Night - Long

  • Men's Riff 30 Endless Promise
  • Men's Riff 30 Endless Promise
  • Men's Riff 30 Endless Promise
  • Men's Riff 30 Endless Promise
  • Men's Riff 30 Endless Promise
  • Men's Riff 30 Endless Promise
  • Men's Riff 30 Endless Promise
  • Men's Riff 30 Endless Promise
Men's Riff 30 Endless Promise
SKU: NEMO-000811666035646 Part Number: 811666035646  Barcode: 811666035646

Product Information

A pinnacle-performance 3-season 800 FP down bag, Riff offers a trim, athletic cut designed for side sleepers who crave space-saving packability. NEMOs iconic Spoon bags are cut wider at the elbows and knees so campers can easily shift positions throughout the night, and the Ultralight Spoon silhouette used on Riff maintains that extra room while cutting in tighter at the feet and shoulders. The result is a sleeping bag vastly more comfortable than a mummy bag, but still impressively compact.

Riff includes a set of next-generation Thermo Gill vents on the chest to offer fine-tuned temperature control and a better outdoor sleeping experience. Each Gill features an interior and an exterior zipper with a draft-blocking intermediate layer, allowing several different configurations for dialing in the bags temperature without direct exposure to cold air. NEMO's Blanket Fold draft collar at the neckline features a redesigned size and shape to further optimize sleep temperature. Tucked in, the Blanket Fold defiantly blocks any chill while mimicking the comfort of your bed at home. Pushed out, it helps dump excess heat instantly.

Riff is NEMOs top-of-the-line, backcountry-oriented sleeping bag and its also the latest addition to our suite of Endless Promise products.

Product Features

  • Anti-snag zipper features protective edging to stop fabric from getting caught in the zipper pull
  • Body-mapped design includes new 3D footbox for tailored comfort and warmth
  • Filled with premium 800 FP hydrophobic, PFAS-free, RDS-certified down
  • Hood and footbox are reinforced with recyclable material treated with PFAS-free waterproofing to prevent tent condensation from soaking into the bag's fabric
  • NEMO takes full responsibility for all Endless Promise products, from production to end of life, and designs them for 100% recyclability to keep out of the landfill
  • Ultralight Spoon shape adds room at elbows and knees yet is tailored for weight-shaving warmth
  • Updated Blanket Fold design offers a cozy, oversized draft collar that dramatically blocks cold air or releases excess warmth
  • Updated Thermo Gill vents extend the comfort range and create fine-tuned control with their multistage zipper system
  • Zip two Riffs (with opposing zipper sides) together to create a double sleeping bag

Product Specifications

Stormy Night
Ship Dimension
11 x 15 x 9 inches
Ship Weight