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Mayhem 30

Product Information

The 2019 Mayhem makes Mountainsmith the first in the U.S. to launch a backpacking pack with Spectra Fiber Technology. Spectra Fiber is an ultralight, ultra-strong fiber that puts the Mayhem at the top of its class for weight and durability. The Mayhem 30 is ideal for backcountry overnights, ski mountaineering, days at the local crag, and adventure travel weekends.
Why compromise when you dont have to? The 2019 Mayhem 30 is ultralight, ultra-durable, ultra-comfortable, and ultra-versatile. Built with Spectra Fiber, the pack offers a top tier weight-to-strength ratio. Used by military and law enforcement, Spectra Fiber is an ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene known for its light weight, strength and abrasion resistance properties. In the Mayhem 30, this means more efficient pack carry, more mileage, and a lifetime of adventures. Less pack weight also means more room for the essentialslike melted chocolate bars and squished PB&Js.
At 30 liters, the 2019 Mayhem 30 is designed for backcountry overnights, ski mountaineering, and adventure travel weekends. The hybrid top and panel opening offer easy access to the front of the pack, a must-have for tight environments and organized packing. Toss the Mayhem on your back and the hex-ridged EVA backpanel padding allows for omni-directional airflow while the sock-style shoulder strap construction prevents the straps from digging into your body. The Interfaced Waistbelt system is designed and patterned to flow into the backpanel allowing for a lightweight but intimate suspension fit offering high levels of stability and comfort.

Product Features

  • Dual density EVA/PU shoulder straps with load lifter adjustment
  • Dual tool / trekking pole carry with elastic pole tip loops
  • Forward pull waistbelt with side adjustment webbing Ventilated waistbelt padding
  • Front panel expansion pocket with daisy chain attachment loops and built in haul handle
  • Hex ridged EVA backpanel padding for omni-directional airflow
  • High density foam framesheet with wireframe load dispersion
  • Hybrid panel / top loader system, ideal for trail & travel
  • Ice & mixed tool lower panel pass-thru sleeves
  • Side panel mesh bottle pockets with Over/Under strap pass thru
  • Stretch mesh waistbelt pockets
  • Top lid zippered compartment with secondary pocket underneath

Product Specifications

Heritage Black
Ship Dimension
8 x 10 x 3 inches
Ship Weight