Lightweight No Show Xtralife Socks - 3 Pack

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  • Run Lightweight No Show Xtralife Socks
    3x Run Lightweight No Show Xtralife Socks
    SKU: INJI201110-ELC-S
    The RUN Lightweight is an ultra-thin, next to skin fit for those who want the benefit of minimal weight with maximum protection and performance. RUN Lightweight is ideal for milder temperatures, shorter distances and minimal footwear.

Product Information

The Run Lightweight No-Show are performance running socks designed to maximize your skill without sacrificing your personal comfort. Injinji running toe socks reduce friction and sweat buildup while allowing your toes to splay and align naturally for increased comfort, balance, and performance. Injinji's toe socks for running fit inside any shoe for any running style, whether you're an ultra runner, marathon runner, occasional jogger, or even prefer to walk. Additionally, Injinji running socks prevent blisters and hotspots from occurring on all your runs and walks. Constructed with CoolMax, these socks are ideal for running in all weather conditions with it's moisture-wicking ability. The no-show length is perfect for all runners and running shoes with an additional heel tab to further protect your feet on runs. 

Product Features

  • 200 Needle socks are lightweight, sturdy and durable
  • Bundle includes 3 pairs of socks
  • Each toe is wrapped in sweat-wicking material so your foot will be drier and therfore more comfortable than in traditional socks
  • Injinji socks allow for better gripping and balance inside your shoe
  • Provides maximum breathability and ventilation on the top of foot
  • Supportive band that offers a secure and stable fit
  • The no-show length rests below the ankle and features a heel tab to protect against chafing and keep the sock from sliding into the shoe
  • When your toes are separated and properly aligned, this allows your entire foot to be engaged in any athletic activity
  • With each toe protected, skin-on-skin friction is completely eliminated protecting your foot from blisters and hot spots

Product Specifications

Electric Blue
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8 x 10 x 3 inches
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