Men's Jac Shirt - Darktan - Large

  • Men's Jac Shirt
  • Men's Jac Shirt
  • Men's Jac Shirt
  • Men's Jac Shirt
  • Men's Jac Shirt
Men's Jac Shirt
SKU: FILS-000703060865557 Part Number: 20251028-DarkTan-L  Barcode: 703060865557

Product Information

Introduced into Filson's product line some fifty years ago, this icon has served more outdoorsmen in a wider range of conditions than we could begin to count. A heavy shirt, overshirt, insulating layer or light jacketit performs without fail, no matter what role it serves. One long-time Filson employee recalls his father packing his favorite Jac-Shirt on each and every hiking, camping and canoeing trip taken with his Boy Scout troop throughout the 1980s. That same Jac-Shirt is still in service.Sewn in Filson's Seattle factory, the original Jac-Shirt is an outdoor staple that provides warmth in all conditions like only 100 percent wool can. The 18-oz. fabric is crafted with a tight weave that delivers an optimum balance of breathability and wind resistance, while providing durability for decades of service. Wool has a complex fiber structure consisting of thousands of microscopic filaments sheathed in lanolin-coated scales. This unique structure makes wool naturally water-resistant, moisture-wicking and warm even if it gets wetthe very reasons its been the champion of outdoor clothing for centuries. This same fiber structure also allows wool to release dirt and odors, making care and maintenance a breeze. Mankind has tried to manufacture fabrics that mimic wools performance properties with varying degrees of success. Fleeces, soft shells and stretch-woven synthetics are the results of these effortsall can perform specific functions quite well, but none can provide the all-around performance of natures original miracle-fiber.The Jac-Shirt is a clean, simple design with a straight hem for untucked wear, but cut long enough that it can be tucked in to keep the wind out. Designed for work and active use, its roomy cut allows plenty of room to move without binding, and can fit over a shirt, heavy base layer or light sweater. The two chest pockets feature buttons that are hidden, so they dont show with the pockets unbuttoned. For the hunter, this means no worries about gunstocks snagging during the gun mount. It also means your phone is protected, yet easy to access without fumbling with buttons when an important call comes in.The Filson Jac-Shirt a versatile performer thats earned a favored status in outdoorsmens kits since the 1970s.

Product Features

  • Flap-covered chest pockets with hidden buttons
  • Insulates dry or wet
  • Serves as heavy shirt, overshirt, or light jacket
  • Sewn in the USA with 18-oz. 100 percent wool
  • Wind resistant

Product Specifications

Ship Dimension
10 x 14 x 8 inches
Ship Weight