Apex Hammer - Green

Apex Hammer - Green
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Product Information

Product Features

  • DMM axes are T rated, making them tough enough for modern mixed climbing techniques.
  • Dual handrests allow techniques such as matching, maximising the performance of these tools when leashless climbing on steep terrain.
  • Grip Tape lets you insulates the axe shaft, protecting you from hot aches and allowing more of the axe to be used as a hold.
  • It also reduces the angle of the handle when the axe is hooked on a feature, making climbing on steep terrain less tiring and more secure.
  • Picks feature removable weights that adjust the balance of the swing. Adding weights helps the pick cleanly strike hard ice, while removing them reduces weight for mixed climbing and dry tooling.
  • Steel picks are strong and highly durable. They are laser cut, and then CNC machined for high performance on ice, frozen turf and rock.
  • The clip in points on the base of the axe handle allow the axe to be used as an anchor. Inboard eyelets can be threaded with cord for attaching Freedom Leashes.
  • The curved shaft of the axe creates clearance for reaching over bulges on ice and rock, allowing you to climb on steep ground more easily.
  • The Mixed Pick has a less tapered profile to increase hooking stability and the durability of the point when torqueing in cracks.
  • The spike allows the axe to bite into ice and break through snow, giving you greater stability when walking and plunging.
  • The Switch and Apex are available with a full size adze for easier ice clearing and ledge chopping in mountainous terrain.
  • The Switch and Apex are available with picks that maximise either performance on either ice or mixed terrain. The ice pick has a pronounced taper to its point, for efficient penetration of thick ice and reduced dinner plating.

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9 x 11 x 4 inches
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