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Haflinger Men's and Women's Wool Felt and Boiled Wool Clogs and Slippers

Beloved by many around the world, Haflinger is renowned not only for its boiled wool slippers and wool felt clogs, but also for its amazing craftsmanship and outstanding quality.  Haflinger began over 50 years ago in Germany as a family-run producer of boiled wool and wool shoes. Several generations later, Halfinger is still run by the grandson of its founder, and the company has grown to be the largest maker of boiled wool in Germany. Their shoes have likewise grown wildly in popularity, with Halfinger slippers, shoes, clogs, and sandals becoming internationally loved.


So what makes boiled wool and wool felt special? While relatively new here in the US, in Europe these materials have been widely used in shoe making for over 70 years because of their wellness properties. Boiled wools and wool felts are extremely breathable, softly comfortable, and naturally insulated to keep your feet feeling good in both hot and cold weather. Haflinger slippers, Haflinger clogs, and other Haflinger shoes all use these amazing materials and are finely crafted with an anatomically designed foot bed to maximize comfort and support.Their excellent quality and premium natural materials make Hafliner shoes the perfect fit for a healthy and active lifestyle, all while wrapping your feet in protective and supportive comfort.


Haflinger slippers and clogs are some of our go-to favorites at OutlandUSA.com, and we highly recommend them for casual and everyday use. If you're looking for a great Haflinger slipper, one of our most popular is the AS Classic Slipper. For a great Haflinger clog, check out the GZL Clog. You really cant go wrong with Haflinger shoes; every one of them is quality comfort that's hard to find anywhere else. 

Haflinger Care Tips

Make the most of your Haflinger clogs and slippers with these helpful cleaning and care tips. 

 Questions & Tips

Q: Where does the name "Haflinger" come from?

Haflinger is actually a famous breed of horse found mainly in Europe. The founder of Haflinger Shoe's was particularly found of the breed and made it the symbol and name of his business. 

Q: How do I safely clean my shoes?

Unless otherwise specified on the shoe label, do not machine wash or dry your Haflinger shoes with cork soles or bottoms

For most styles of shoes, the best way to remove light dirt and debris is with gently brushing. For more intense stains, spot clean with a damp cloth and then brush. Cleaners and soaps are generally not recommended because they can compromise the materials natural breathability and comfort. 

For cork bottom shoes, it is recommended to treat the soles with cork protection gel or spray at least once a year. 

If the shoe does not have a cork bottom or sole, light machine washing and drying may be alright. Check the shoe's label to be sure. 

Haflinger Warranty

Haflinger warranties its product against material and/or workmanship defects for six months after thepurchase date with valid proof of purchase. Haflinger fully stands behind its product, but will notguarantee against "wear and tear". Proof of purchase through an authorized Haflinger retailer ismandatory for any warranty consideration. Haflinger will only respond to product return inquiries madethrough authorized Haflinger dealers.

For non-warranty exchanges and returns, please see our policy here.

Haflinger Sizing Chart & Sizing Information