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The history of Deuter is the history of the backpack itself.  Beginning all the way back in 1898 as a simple canvas and linen mill, Deuter was almost immediately recognized for its exceptional material quality. In 1910, they began to invent revolutionary new knapsacks, backpacks, and rucksacks, which were lighter, tougher, and more breathable than anything else on the market. Soon Deuter backpacks and hiking packs would accompany many of the great earlier explorer and mountaineers on their expeditions to the toughest places on earth. For nearly a century since, Deuter has been pushing the boundaries of backpack innovation, creating the lightest, toughest, and most breathable backpacks possible.


There are few other backpacks which can boast such an impressive history of innovation and incredible design improvements. Deuter backpacks are truly top of the line, built precisely for optimal anatomical fit, with special consideration paid to the differences between men and women. The comfort and functionality of Deuter backpacks can last through the toughest use for years. Deuter makes backpacks for every occasion: commuter packs (Men's Giga El & Women's Giga Sl), ski and snowboarding backpacks (Women's Freerider Pro 28 Sl & Men's Freerider Lite 25), hiking packs (Men's Futura30 & Women's Futura 28 Sl), bike backpacks (Deuter Race Air), and so much more! No matter what you need to carry, or where you need to go, Deuter has an incredible backpack for you.


We at love Deuter's incredible design, innovative materials, and quality fit. Customers frequently remark how much they love their Deuter packs, and are amazed at how quality they are while also being affordable. Give Deuter a try.

Deuter History & Milestones

Deuter movie gives you an insight into the history of our company and how we and our products got to where we are today.

 Questions & Tips

Q: Can I wash my backpack in the washing machine?

No, because abrasion affects the material (PU coating) and causes damages over time. Detergent residues often remain as well. For sensitive skin types, this can cause skin irritation, e.g. at the shoulder straps. A chemical reaction caused by sweat, detergent residues and UV radiation promotes the faster decomposition of the materials.

The best way to clean the backpack is by laying it in a bowl or bathtub, depending on its size, and washing it with pH-neutral soap or shower gel. Any dirt on the backpack can be easily removed with a brush. Salt edges on the wearing system can be rinsed off by pressing the material together multiple times by hand using soap and plenty of water. Must be stored in a dry environment!

1. Empty the backpack completely after each trip. Remove stains by hand with a simple soap solution and a brush.

2. Do not put the backpack in a washing machine or dryer as this will damage the PU coating.

3. Backpack material is not generally suitable for ironing.

4. Keep zips free of dirt.

5. Fasten the belts for storage purposes and keep in a dry, well ventilated area.

Q: How waterproof are Deuter packs?

The fabric from which Deuter products are manufactured is impregnated outside with a water-repellent layer. On the inside, the fabric is equipped with a polyurethane (PU) coating, so that especially very fine nylon or polyester fabric (which we, for instance, use for rain covers) is initially waterproof according to German industrial standards (water column <1400 mm).

In contrast, more coarsely meshed backpack fabric, usually used for highly durable products, only reach water columns under 1,000 m. When new, rain runs off the water-repellent outer surface of the fabric. As the backpacks are used, however, both the water-repellent finish on the outside and the PU coating on the inside lose their effectiveness, so that they are no longer deemed waterproof according to DIN standards.

Also, during long periods of rain, moisture can penetrate into the backpack through the seams and zips. We therefore recommend protecting backpacks by using a rain cover in wet weather or rain. Items that must remain dry should be stored in waterproof pack sacks.

Q: What's the yellow flower on the backpacks for?
The yellow flower began when Deuter started making backpacks specifically for the female anatomy to distinguish female backpacks easily. What started as a small addition quickly became a popular and recognizable part of the Deuter brand. 
Q: Can I send my Deuter in for repair?

Yes! Reach out to us and we can help you through the process. Here are the steps:

1. Clean your product: your Deuter product must be completely emptied and cleaned when taken to your Deuter retailer for reasons of hygiene and out of consideration for our employees. Only then can we carry out a repair and guarantee a short processing time. Please note our care instructions.

2. Include the purchase receipt if you still have it: with the help of your purchase receipt from OutlandUSA, we can check whether your product falls under the free warranty (2 years from the date of purchase).

3. Mark the defect well: defective areas must be precisely explained in a letter or clearly marked, since we are not always able to detect a defect.

4. Send your product to us: OutlandUSA will send your product to Deuter. We will also be able to inform you about any costs incurred. Unfortunately, we cannot carry out remote diagnoses and can only make detailed statements on costs and repair options when the item is available for Deuter to inspect. They will do their best to repair any defects, regardless of the age of the product.

5. Wait for a cost estimate: as soon as your product has been received by Deuter, they will check the defect. We will let you know whether they can repair your product and which costs may be incurred. They only process the defect after receiving your approval.

6. Repair is carried out: they repair your Deuter product. Within the first two years, the repair or exchange is naturally carried out free of charge, if the warranty claim is justified. Otherwise, or after the expiry of the voluntary guarantee, they carry out the repair under a low-cost sharing arrangement. As soon as your item has been received by them, the processing period generally amounts to ten working days.

7. We will send your repaired item back to you.

Deuter Warranty Information

"As a manufacturer, we offer a 2-year guarantee from the date of purchase for each Deuter product in addition to the statutory warranty claims. The guarantee can be used in all countries in which a Deuter product has been sold and authorised by us.

Within this two-year warranty period, through product repair or replacement, we eliminate all defects due to material or manufacturing errors free or charge. The warranty excludes damages caused by improper use, personal negligence, normal wear and tear, and defects that have a marginal effect on the value or usability of the product. The warranty becomes void if the service providers are not authorised by us and if parts other than original Deuter replacement parts are used."