Security Built on Quality.

Abus High Quality Bike Locks & Bike Helmets

For nearly 100 years, ABUS has provided the good feeling of security worldwide. Back in 1924, August Bremicker and his sons first started up their own business producing padlocks in the small village of Volmarstein, Germany. Tireless efforts, innovative ideas, expertise, and know-how in development and production have since transformed ABUS into a global leader in locks and helmets.


ABUS today is particularly known for their innovative and secure bike products, bike locks, and bike helmets. Their German engineering and high-quality production process simply outperforms other lock and helmet producers in an industry dominated by cheap and flimsy manufacturing. If you want to keep your bike safe with locks that are harder to cut, harder to pick, and harder to break, try ABUS. Or if you want to make sure your head is well protected, try an ABUS bike helmet. For a classic, sturdy bike chain try the ABUS Steel-O-Chain 8807 or Tresor Chain 1385. For an excellent bike helmet, try the ABUS Yadd-I Bike Helmet or the ABUS Gamechanger Helmet. Whatever you ride, keep it (and yourself) safe with ABUS.


At OutlandUSA.com, ABUS is one of our favorite brands for bike locks and bike helmets. We firmly believe that the extra durability and protection they provide is worth every penny.


GET URBANIZED – Experience the new feeling of freedom with ABUS

The worst thing about your job is to get there? Make the switch. The urban bike helmets and locks from ABUS provide high end cycling protection for you. Get urbanized.

 Questions & Tips

Q: How can I get a new key?

Each lock comes with a CodeCard with a key number which is required by ABUS to order a new key. If you have this number, please reach out to us and we can help order a new key.

 If you have lost this number and the original key, you're out of luck. A new key cannot be made for you without this information, even by ABUS. 

Q: What do I do if I forget my combination or it no longer opens?

The ABUS combination mechanism is extremely complicated and secure. Their combination lock cannot be opened without knowing the programmed code – even by ABUS.

Q: The key no longer turns properly and catches or gets stuck in the lock. What should I do?

To look after the lock and keep it turning easily, use a lock spray and lubricate the lock. We recommend our PS 88 lock spray. You can use commonly available resin-free lubricants for ABUS Plus and ABUS X-Plus cylinders.

Q: Can I get replacement parts such as helmet visors, locks etc.?

Absolutely! ABUS provides a comprehensive replacement parts service. Please reach out to us and we can help you order a replacement part. 

ABUS Warranty Information

For non-warranty exchanges and returns, please see our policy here.

ABUS does not publish a special warranty policy for its locks. However, if you believe there is a manufacture's defect we will attempt to secure a refund on your behalf. If you believe you have a warranty claim, please reach out to us directly here.